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Be A Responsible Wild Camper

Monday, den 25. August 2008

For an interesting article on wild camping up in Scotland pop on over to Cameron McNeish’s blog and read his posting ”Wild Camping In Scotland“. Which discusses being a responsible wild camper, and the current attempts to educate the masses as to what those responsibilities are.
“The recent petition on legalising wild camping in England and Wales […]

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The next step …..

Sunday, den 27. July 2008

If you happen to check by from time to time you may be wondering why it is a little quiet in light of some of the articles appearing on various Blogs etc. This may explain any apparent lull in proceedings:
“The campaign steering group are cognisant of the effort many organisations & individuals are putting into the current Marine […]

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Response to the RESPONSE

Tuesday, den 24. June 2008

The E-P’s backers are considering the next move and the level of support.
Its not quite as negative as it reads at first and the Marine Bill was always likely to get first crack at the available resource/backing.
But the elephant is now firmly in the room
Thanks for those who’ve shown their support - the campaign website […]

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Podcast Interview at the NEC

Monday, den 14. April 2008

Podcast Bob’s latest Podzine is now available (for free) with a ten minute interview discussing the current campaign (now at 1,260)
Download from The Outdoors Station or directly using this link.
The Podzine 14/4/08

Download MP3 File

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Mention on GroughNews

Sunday, den 30. March 2008

Over at probably the best Outdoors news site on the Internet, Grough News cover the petition reaching 1000 signatures in the story “Grand response as wild-camp petition gets thousandth name“.
Here is a snippet of the story:
“The petition to legalise wild camping in England and Wales now has more than a thousand signatures.
The plea to the […]

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NEC Outdoor Show - Press Release

Wednesday, den 12. March 2008

For those following the campaign’s progress the intention is to publicise the E-Petition to those attending the NEC Outdoors Show this weekend via friendly trade stands and what ever other legitimate avenues are made available during the show. Here’s the Press Release:

UK Wild Campers - Stand Up and Be Counted!

At the end of […]

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Sunday Afternoon Blog Round Up

Sunday, den 9. March 2008

We start with Mike, who is back from his travels and is giving his thoughts on the subject in “E-petition“. 
“I would love the government to agree to legalise wild camping as it would be nice not to worry about being moved on in the middle of the night,even though i have only ever been moved on […]

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More Coverage In The Bloggersphere

Thursday, den 6. March 2008

We start with Ex-Deputy Dawg John Manning reminding us this may be a case of deja vu in “We’ve been shunned before!”
“It’s going to take a heck of a lot more signatures at Darren’s on-line petition to get the Prime Minister or any of his government to take a blind bit of notice of what […]

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Delayed Round Up

Tuesday, den 4. March 2008

Well for those that don’t read my blog, a bout of the man flu has hit me. So I apologise for the delay in this posting.
First up here is some coverage of the petition hitting 700 signatures.
Duncan wrote “Wild Camping ePetition“:
“Ain’t democracy wonderful? Everyone looking for the angle, for the way to make money or […]

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Something For The Weekend

Saturday, den 1. March 2008

After a break yesterday, here is a round up of some posts to read over the weekend.
 Alistair discusses the economics of it all in “Why you can wild camp north but not south of the border“.
“240m quid? That’s peanuts. At around 430m, walking is worth almost twice that to the Scottish economy. The shooting fraternity are a […]

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