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Petition Closes With Over 2000 Signatures

Wednesday, den 4. June 2008

The petition closed on the 24th March, with over 2000 signatures. The final total was 2021 signatures.
Now we have a wait while the petition is passed on to the relevant Minister or Government Department. They will then respond to the petition, and that response is then emailed to all 2021 people that signed the petition.
What […]

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Petition - Final Day - Checklist

Saturday, den 24. May 2008

First up:
A few folk have contacted me saying that they’d signed the petition but their names weren’t on the list. Eventually we sorted it out, it turned out to be one of the simplest things I’ve done for a while…
The thing to realise is that it’s a two-stage process:

Fill in the details on the sign-up […]

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Tuesday, den 6. May 2008

The title says it all really. A week to the day after posting that the petition had reached 1500, I didn’t think I would be posting so soon afterwards that we had reached 1700.
Speechless, I really am gobsmacked
Thanks folks for signing.
Also the Facebook Group has also grown to 192 members.

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Sunday, den 4. May 2008

1664 now!
Here’s a thought for all you folk at Uni… please spread the word to any other clubs/societies that you think might support us. It’s not just the walking, climbing and mountaineering clubs that we’re hoping will back us, think about the geography clubs, the geological societies, the NERC postgrads, the hydrologists, the list goes […]

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And now …….1600

Saturday, den 3. May 2008

Was it only only last week that Darren posted on reaching the 1,500 total?
Now, in less than a week, its jumped up to 1,631.
If you’ve arrived here as a result of our recent mailing to University Outdoor Clubs…….thanks for the support.
Right. Three weeks left to go - 2,000+ is achievable.
Told all your friends, family, workmates yet?

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Tuesday, den 29. April 2008

With less than a month to go, the petition to “Legalise Wild Camping in England and Wales” has now reached 1500 signatures.
Wow, what a fantastic number to reach. Thanks to everyone that has signed the petition so far. Big thanks to all my fellow bloggers that have supported this petition and all the hard work […]

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1350 And Counting

Sunday, den 20. April 2008

Way back in the early days of the petition a challenge or target was set by Duncan to match the number of people consulted for the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. Earlier today that target was reached.
It almost seems despite the odds that we have reached this number. It would not of been possible without the […]

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Podcast Interview at the NEC

Monday, den 14. April 2008

Podcast Bob’s latest Podzine is now available (for free) with a ten minute interview discussing the current campaign (now at 1,260)
Download from The Outdoors Station or directly using this link.
The Podzine 14/4/08

Download MP3 File

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Thursday, den 10. April 2008

The subject says it all really. The petition now has over 1200 signatures. With still over a month left for the petition to run is 2000 signatures a possibility?
This is an incredible number of people showing their support. Thanks to everyone for signing.

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Thursday, den 27. March 2008

The petition has just passed the milestone signature count of 1000, and now stands at 1001.
A big thank you to all the people that have signed the petition and all those that have supported it so far.

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