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Sunday Morning Bloggersphere Round Up


We start this mornings round up with Robin who wrote “Up and down” about some recent highs and lows for the petition.

Quite frankly, if the government is going to dismiss e-petitions in such an off hand way, it makes you wonder if it is worth it. On the one hand politicians appear to want to encourage participation in the political process by those that might not normally get involved, but on the other, they don’t appear to like it when people respond in an unanticipated manner.

 Next up is John with one of his regular aRoundups discussing current activity and thoughts around the petition.

One of the more welcoming spin-offs from the hectic activity behind the E-Petition is an opportunity to make contact with individuals across the outdoor communities. Especially those not directly walk/backpack related but also sharing the same deep love of the outdoors.

Finally for this morning is Stef with “The e-petition - why bother?“, which seems to sum things up rather well if you ask me.

Looking again at the wildcamping situation as part of the bigger picture of recreational land usage, I see that it’s not a “status quo“. The amount of land in England and Wales is more or less finite, allowing for the effects of erosion versus deposition. There’s a variation in the number of landowners as property is bought and sold, split or amalgamated. But overshadowing these minor variables is the increasing number of people taking to the outdoors, and particularly to the hills.

Anyway happy reading folks, it looks like a nice morning so I’m off to walk my dogs and have a brew.

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