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Thursday Evening Roundup


We start with a couple of posts from Duncan that just missed yesterdays round up the first discussing the “Strathspey Herald Article“:

Sadly, it looks like the serious discussion has already taken place even before the petition is closed. Now, did someone somewhere write that only having 600 signatures was unDemocratic? Means that there’s more work to do. In Scotland, over 1500 people were consulted for the Access Code - it would be nice if the same number of signatures were attached to the England & Wales document - then, maybe, just maybe, the democratically elected representatives of the people would at least consider consultations before just waving it aside in to the “too expensive” pile.

then for some reason Duncan starts to talk in tongues about the petition (I assume that is the case as he mentions the petition count at the end) in “Còd Slighean Dùthchail na h-Alba”

Faodaidh tu campadh ann an dòigh seo àite sam bith far a bheil còraicheanslighe buailteach ach faodaidh tu daoine agus stiùirichean-fearainn ionadail a chuideachadh gus nach èirigh duilgheadasan gun a bhith a’ campadh ann an achadh far a bheil bàrr a’ fàs ann no cluain pàircichte le beathaichean innteagus le bhith a’ cumail astar math air falbh bho thogalaichean, rathaidean no làraichean eachdraidheil.

We now move on to the theme of the day from two bloggers out there Stef and Robin, of landownership.

“Give us back our rights!” asks Robin

Then came two hundred years of Inclosure (apparently the correct spelling) Acts, over 5,000 of them, which effectively confiscated the land (with no compensation) from the common people. By 1875 over half the agricultural land in England and Wales was owned by about 2,000 people.

“Our(?) green and pleasant land” says Stef

According to the informal rules (not laws, there are none) of the game, wildcampers are supposed to pitch only on land where they’ve been given permission.

Sounds easy. But is it? Half of the land in my(?) fair country isn’t even registered. Finding out who owns the other half is a nightmare.

Using a familar argument made against the petition Alistair throws it back with “Wild camping banned? How about banning landowners instead?”

The hills are already full of yobs and neds, usually employed by the same landowners who are doing all the finger pointing at law abiding walkers. As if wildcats weren’t endangered enough, some ponce has killed one and used it as bait. Reports on the radio said the carcass was also surrounded by snares.

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