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Delayed Round Up


Well for those that don’t read my blog, a bout of the man flu has hit me. So I apologise for the delay in this posting.

First up here is some coverage of the petition hitting 700 signatures.


  • Mortuary trailer
  • The Brave One movie

Santa Buddies hd


wrote “Wild Camping ePetition“:

The Borrowers dvd

42nd Street “Ain’t democracy wonderful? Everyone looking for the angle, for the way to make money or save themselves doing any work instead of thinking – hmm, we could encourage people to get out onto the land that we own, enjoy the countryside, all for the passing of some emails to government landowning bodies. “

Stateside movie download

download Darkness Falls movie

The Cell 2 movie Goldfinger trailer Stef Beneath dvd wrote “Petition ticking over nicely” :

Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot release

We still need more support to reach the 1000 milestone.

Exit Speed video

Who else wants to make a difference to the way we are able to enjoy our green and pleasant land, as these folk did all those years ago?

download A Thin Line Between Love and Hate dvd

Fire Down Below buy

“Graham Thompson enthuses about lightweight shock!” sees the petition getting a brief mention.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days divx George writes a bit on wild camping and the petition in “Wild Camping“:

Walled In hd

From Hell video

In the last few years I have see asylum-seekers/immigrants camping in some of the parks in London; mainly Hyde and Green Park. These people are normally there early morning and gone throughout the day but reappear at night especially through the winter months.

We finish with Sally

Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder full movie

and her posting on the subject n “Wild Camping…..

Biker Boyz movie full


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