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We start with Ex-Deputy Dawg John Manning reminding us this may be a case of deja vu in “We’ve been shunned before!”

It’s going to take a heck of a lot more signatures at Darren’s on-line petition to get the Prime Minister or any of his government to take a blind bit of notice of what we’re calling for – the harmless legitimisation of leave-no-trace wild camping.

Which leads nicely onto Duncan who has transcribed the image text on John’s posting so it is easier to read in “Eight Years Later“.

Backpacking is an enjoyable, law abiding and environmentally-friendly activity and overnight wild camping in remote locations is a fundamental part of the activity. If such lightweight, wild camping was to be outlawed on the hills and high moorland areas of England and Wales then many individuals would be deprived of the opportunity of communing with the natural world in a way which they can enjoy at the present. It would be a retrograde step and contrary to the very principle of freedom-to-roam.

Finally still with Duncan we have “Roger Smith in TGO“.

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