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Sunday Afternoon Blog Round Up


We start with Mike, who is back from his travels and is giving his thoughts on the subject in “E-petition“. 

I would love the government to agree to legalise wild camping as it would be nice not to worry about being moved on in the middle of the night,even though i have only ever been moved on once in nearly 20 years of camping but you do get a feeling of uneae soem times when putting up the tarp even in out of the way places.I dont think it would lead to the mass campig that some people are talking about as i think it will always remain quiet a select hobby.

“Wild Camping Economics 2” sees more thoughts on the subject from Duncan.

I have no idea how many people wild camp for at least one evening. If it’s 1%, then they bring in £4,380,000 per annum. Drop the figure to 1 in a thousand people, and that’s still £438,000 per annum (£1,200 per day). People buy meals, need to get too and from the trail heads, top up on kit, get civilised, pay for petrol, send postcards. And possibly over a larger area than just the main tourist centres.

George has a cartoon about wild camping on his blog. View it here.

We finish with John Hee who writes “Wild Camping - A Cash Cow?”

Camping “Wild” in the New Forest: By reason of a voluntary agreement with the Forestry Commission, The Award is the only organisation able to camp “wild” in the New Forest.Obviously there are strict controls over this privilege………In order to book any of the wild sites, you need to complete and return an application form at least six weeks ahead. (!!!!) Forms available from: The Forestry Commission …….Lyndhurst

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