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Peak District National Park - A chance to have your say on Wildcamping?

John Hee

A chance for you to offer your views on the Peak District, wildcamping access issues, and possibly reflect on why the Dartmoor NP policy may attract you to that area, rather than the Peak District?

Complete the survey, with a chance to enter a prize draw as well:  www.peakdistrict.gov.uk/consultations

“Outdoor enthusiasts, visitors and residents are being urged to have their say in a public survey about the future of recreational activities in the Peak District National Park. The information gained will be used to:

• Plan how to manage demand and deliver services to support recreational activities in the NP
• Meet Government targets to increase physical activity - with the health benefits that brings
• Raise awareness of the special qualities of national parks and what they can offer for different groups 

 ’We are also really keen to hear from people who don’t use the national park to find out what is putting them off and what services they would want to see before they would feel comfortable coming’

The information gained from the survey will be used to produce a recreation strategy for the Peak District National Park. This will include an action plan with targets for the Peak District National Park Authority and partners…… so that recreational services better meet the needs of visitors and residents”

date Posted on: Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 2:51 am
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One Response to “Peak District National Park - A chance to have your say on Wildcamping?”

  1. John Manning

    Nice work JH.

    Have filled in the survey and made plenty of references to our cause. I wonder though whether they really wanted suggestions, ore whether they just wanted the “I really love the Peak Park, it’s a love place to recreate” boxes ticked so they can quote favourable stats in future promo literature! Cynic?Me?

    August 31st, 2008 at 3:37 pm

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